Friday, March 6, 2009

Hi everyone,

Let’s get the dialogue started about health as it pertains to Asian Americans, something frequently ignored and neglected. Often, we hear about health and sometimes, we hear about Asian Americans, but when you put the two together, the prominent health issues change drastically from just prevalent health issues in the general US population.

Join the movement! We want to create a community of young adult writers (and readers) to share their personal experiences and perspectives about Asian American health. With so much changing in our government now, we should reflect on and raise awareness of what is happening in our own communities so people can finally CARE about health disparities and issues in the Asian American community. We want AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to share about their experiences.

Please email me at if you’re interested in becoming a contributing writer so I can add you. I will send you an invitation, and then you will have to accept the invitation, so you can start writing. We’re not looking for article-type writing (although if you want to, feel free). We’re just looking for diary-like entries, typical to most blogs: first-person voice writing about their day or what they learned. There doesn’t have to be statistics or any research, just your own experience. As a contributing writer, you'll be expected to write at least once a week. You can also share good articles you’ve read and announcements (scholarships, fellowships, jobs, internships, conferences).

Check it frequently, subscribe/follow this blog, and comment! To comment on the blogs, you don’t need to be a member of blogger.

Spread the word. Send this email to friends, family, people who you think would be interested in this topic. Put this link on facebook, myspace, or forward it to others:

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