Thursday, April 23, 2009

Asian Americans in politics

A national telephone survey went out, getting the demographics of Asian Americans who vote and don't vote including their varying levels of interest in politics, issues they deem important, what party they vote with, and what factors may make them more or less likely to vote.

I always feel like if you don't use your right to vote (if you can legally vote), you don't have a right to complain.

"Everything's political."

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  1. i agree that voting is an important right and privilege. however, i think it is also possible for people to have good reasons NOT to vote:

    "I don’t think that non-voting always equates with apathy. Apathy means not giving a damn, but for many people, not voting is an intentional, thoughtful, deliberate act on the part of people who think that it is more harmful to validate an intrinsically corrupt system by voting than to possibly make a win easier for the greater of two evils by not voting."

    Also: "What if you’re anti-statist and anti-hierarchy and do not see electoral politics as an avenue for real change?"

    for me, i'd like to see a political system that truly serves the interests of the public and protects groups that have been historically oppressed.

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