Friday, June 19, 2009


From: REHDC (Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Coalition)


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The Health Reform bill is too silent on the elimination of racial and ethnic health disparities! Health Reform will not include you if you don’t speak up and speak out! And, get others to help. Congress is working on one of the most important bills about your health for now and generations to come. You must Get Involved! Stand up now for all of US. Action on health reform is moving quickly.

ACTION: Call your two Senators today at 202-224-3121

[This is the capitol switchboard service – they are very helpful. So, if you don’t know your Senator’s name just tell them the name your state and they will connect you. Do not hang up; do not give up. A phone call is more effective right now because the Congress is moving so quickly; however, if you just to want to email go to Whether you call or email, Just do it! You can make that critical difference in health reform]

Tell your two Senators that the health reform bill must:

· Include the elimination of racial and ethnic health disparities in all sections – insurance, prevention, quality, community services, and workforce

· Authorize, strengthen and adequately fund the Office of Minority Health, and Offices of Minority Health at the Department of Health and Human Services including the CDC, FDA, SAMHSA, CMS and other key agencies

· Include a National Strategy to End Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

· Protect prevention and wellness

The Congress must hear from you NOW!– Now is the time for health reform for all of America’s residents and this will not include all of us if there is not a National will to end racial and ethnic health disparities! YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED NOW!

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