Monday, June 8, 2009

Resources for API Data

Oooo...the Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF) received a website makeover, and it's looking good like eye candy. ;-)

Anyway, APIAHF is a national policy/advocacy organization that focuses on Asian and Pacific Islander American health. It's a really really great resource for anyone doing research on APIA health. I'm not saying this because I was an intern there. I had to do some research before in school, and did you know they have census information broken up by county AND by ETHNICITY? I had no idea they had that kind of disaggregated data! (You have to register though, but it's for FREE :-) )

Also, they have a ton of fact sheets. Some that I used were Health Briefs specific to many API ethnicities such as Vietnamese, Cambodian, Korean, Chinese, Hmong, Filipino, etc. They highlight the health issues prevalent in those communities. I remember also seeing some cancer fact sheets. For those of us who are too lazy to read and just want brief summaries of everything, searching for them on their publications search engine here is VERY VERY HELPFUL:

The APIAHF also just published these huge data sheets full of ethnic-specific information by state. It pretty much looks like a poster. I think it will be more publicized soon, but this would definitely be a great resource for researchers who are doing studies on APIA health.

On a side note, I think APIAHF is one of the few that actually make an attempt to include Pacific Islanders in their agenda and not just their name as part of the political identity. It's something more orgs should consider or possibly consider taking the PI part out of their name if they truly do not represent the needs of that community.
Another helpful resource for us people who are lazy to read is
This website makes it easy. Click on the title to just find the statistic you're looking for by race/ethnicity and region. Click on the link below "Also find studies and reports" to...duh..find studies and reports related to your topic. One of the most user-friendly resources I have seen.

Feel free to comment with any other helpful resources!

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