Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mien Family and Opium Trafficking

Guest Entry: Khae Saetern
2nd year undergrad at UC Berkeley; Researched on Opium Use in the Mien community; Member of the Mien Student Union of Berkeley; Co-Internal Relations of the Southeast Asian Student Coalition

Hi all,

This has been running through my mind lately. It's made me think a lot
about my research project, and how current issues of opium use still
arise, and the health of families are affected serverely.

On March 12th, 2009, a Mien mother, her two daughters (ages 18 and 20),
and her son (age 3) were murdered in their own home in North Carolina
while their father was at work. They moved from California 10 years ago,
and still have many family members that reside in the Bay Area and Central
Valley, CA. A short clip was played on America's Most Wanted last weekend
that resulted in many leads.

The suspects were found dead at the scene after a police chase.
Investigators are looking into the case, and linking it to a possible
drug-trafficking case with the father of the murdered family. The father
may face charges.

I just wanted to share with you how disheartening it is. It makes me
question, "What can I do to prevent lives at stake in my community without
risking my own life?" In my opinion, drug-trafficking is a result of
mental, physical, emotional, and financial instability.

Here is the most recent article:,2933,509780,00.html


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