Thursday, April 16, 2009

song: "the bay" by zion i

I used to listen to this song once a day, no joke. It's probably the handclaps that do it for me. For those of you not from the area/California, the Bay refers to a part of northern California, “Oakland to Vallejo, Vallejo to the Zay [San Jose], the Zay to the Sko [San Francisco]”.

The song highlights “the crack epidemic that'll turn you blue/and an AIDS epidemic that could end you too.” It's interesting that my hometown, DC, actually holds the dubious honor of having the highest rate of HIV/AIDS per capita.

Finally, a bunch of different groups are mentioned:

“Filipinos and Blacks
Latinos from all over the map
Chinese and Vietnamese...
Samoans Indians Tongans Thais”

A pretty sweet way of disaggregating APIs.

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